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The Ultimate Guide to OTOFIX Smart Key Watch

The Ultimate Guide to OTOFIX Smart Key Watch

1. Two forms
Form 1: Using VCI
• Easy programming via VCI.
• A VCI only supports one match to ensure safe use.
• Offline dealers or locksmiths can provide technical support

Form 2: No VCI
• Professional and easy pairing via dealer or locksmith without owning a VCI
• For models that do not support Easy Programming, dealers or locksmiths can use professional tools to complete watch programming

2. Core functions: smart watch, smart car key, easy programming
Smart car key function
Support one-key positioning of the car, open/lock the door, raise and lower the window, and open the tailgate; support voice control, use the corresponding voice recognition words to realize voice control of the car key function, and completely free your hands.

Easy Programming
There is no need for a locksmith, and the owner can match it by himself through the VCI+Autel Link APP that is selected by the product.

The APP guides the car owner to easily program the vehicle without a locksmith. The car owner can pair the watch and the vehicle by themselves through the product-matching VCI+Autel Link APP, covering 1000+ models, minimalist pairing, and DIY without pressure. Support Volkswagen, BMW, Honda, and other brands, covering 80% of mainstream smart key models.

The intersection of style and cutting-edge technology
• AMOLED HD touchscreen with engraved beveled glass
• Simple and easy-to-use user interface
• Connect to your phone via Bluetooth to answer calls, read messages and listen to music
• Hands-free vehicle infotainment system control via phone
Sports health management function
• 12+ exercise modes including running, walking, stationary bike, hiking, and yoga;
• Health monitoring: heart rate, pulse, sleep;
• Breathing exercises and reminders to stand.

OTOFIX - Programmable Smart Key Watch Other functions
The watch displays weather information for your current location; after the watch is successfully paired with the mobile device through the Autel Link app, the watch will vibrate to notify you when new information is displayed on the mobile device. The watch uses GPS data to track movement during outdoor activities such as running, walking, cycling, and climbing. After turning on the function of controlling mobile phone music through the watch on the Autel Link app, the watch can play saved music and music on the mobile device. (The music function is only applicable to Android mobile devices) Support small tools such as alarm clocks, stopwatches, calculators, altimeters, compasses, etc., accurately display data and create your personal life assistant.



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